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Hear the TV Better!

Personal TV Audio

A personal sound zone is created by placing speakers near your ear and by using sound reflectors to direct the TV Audio back towards your ears instead of broadcasting sound through the entire room.

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Voice Enhancing Technologies

The Chair Speaker is built with Voice Enhancing Technologies. Our personal TV speaker for chairs increases the volume of human voices while decreasing the background sounds. We create speakers to hear the TV better with advanced circuits that instantaneously amplify and clarify television dialog making it easier to hear what is being said. 

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Works with Hearing Aids

The ChairSpeaker works with all types of hearing aids. No taking your hearing aid in and out like some competing systems. 

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Grips Just About Anything

Our system of rubber grips and ball flex joints allows the ChairSpeaker to grip and fit any type of recliner or other types of furniture without damage.

You Are in Control

The ChairSpeaker has a large knob on the speaker for easy control of the volume and power. Our speakers provide over ninety decibels of sound.

Take Back Your TV Audio

Finally. Understand what people on TV are saying.


- No more turning the TV volume to full blast.  

- No more being isolated from everyone around you.

- No more pain and discomfort from headphones.

- No more worry about missing a phone call, doorbell, or smoke alarm.

ChairSpeaker vs Soundbars

ChairSpeaker originates the TV sound near your ear to lower the room volume. Soundbars originate the sound near the TV and sends the sound across the room. 

ChairSpeakers can be used with your soundbar.

ChairSpeaker vs Headphones

•   No more pain from extended use
•   No more isolation from friends & family
•   No more sweating around your ears
•   No more worry about missing events like smoke alarms, doorbells, and ringing phones.

Buy with Confidence

Our hassle-free 30-Day Trial will let you try our innovative personal TV speaker system for chairs. If you don't love it for any reason simply return it for a refund of the original purchase price. After your 30-day trial, you are covered by our 5-Year Limited Warranty.

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