Complete Systems

Newest Model


  • Made In USA with Domestic and Imported Parts
  • Improved Sound
  • Enhanced IR range
  • Upgraded Transmitter 
  • Compact Power Supplies
  • Thinner and Lighter Chain Links

ChairSpeaker System CS2 Refurbished

  • Made In Colombia 
  • Improved Power Supply Connection
  • Increased IR Sensitivity
  • Selectable Voice Enhancement
  • Stronger and More Durable Speaker Housing 
  • Added 3.5mm input
  • New Volume Control
  • Certified with Our 24 Point Inspection 

ChairSpeaker System CS1 Refurbished

  • Original Design 
  • Made In Colombia 
  • More Affordable
  • Certified with Our 24 Point Inspection 
  • 90 days Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Additional Speakers

If another person wants to have an elevated sound zone, additional speakers can be used as long as they have a clear line of sight to the transmitter. 

Additional Transmitters

If you want to move your speakers to another room without disconnecting and reconnecting the transmitter a second transmitter can be used with your current speakers.  

Transmitter CS3
Transmitter CS2
Transmitter CS1

Transmitter Shelves

If your TV hangs on the wall, or if you are unable to place the transmitter to get a direct line of sight to the speakers, these shelves provide a solution. 

Connection Accessory Kits

If you have a unique TV or sound system that does not conform to the provided installation scenario or need an additional output these connection kits can provide you a solution.