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Hear the TV like never before!

Hear what people on tv are saying even on lower volumes.

  • • No more turning the TV volume to full blast.
  • • No more being isolated from everyone around you.
  • • No more pain and discomfort from headphones.
  • • No more worry about missing a phone call, doorbell, or smoke alarm.
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What a great idea!

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Speakers by your ear! The voice enhancement really works! The way it's surrounds sound zone works is really quite impressive. You can still here the sound from the speakers in the room but in the sound zone its much louder!

Absolutely Brilliant!

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Kudos to the Chairspeaker team for this superb product. This was for my husband who was not to big on it at first, but after trying it out he loves it. Now all the guys he plays golf with have one. Very impressive. It has mademy house livable again. Thank to all involved.

I Really Really Love It!

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I LOVE the ChairSpeaker! One of the best products I have used in years. The sound cloud is like my own personal surround sound system but better because I can hear the TV dialog!

Armchair Television Speaker

Are you having a hard time hearing the TV without turning the volume to a full blast?

Is it disturbing others in your home?

Are you uncomfortable wearing headphones and earphones?

Are you looking for armchair wireless speakers for your TV?

The Chair Speaker Product Image

We hear you.

The Chair Speaker is a TV listening system that delivers voice enhancing TV sound directly to your ears without the isolation or discomfort of headphones. Simply wrap the wireless television speakers over the back of your chair, bed or couch, and enjoy a Near-Ear TV Experience. The Chairspeaker helps you hear the television dialog clearly while eliminating complaints about loud volume.

With Chair Speaker,

  • • Eliminate ear fatigue & moisture caused by wearable audio systems
  • • Hear what’s going on around you unlike with wireless TV headphones
  • • No more disturbing people in other rooms
  • • Volume control works independently from your TV
  • • Stereo sound for immersive experience
  • • No batteries to replace or charge, The Chairspeaker includes an A/C Adapter that plugs into a speaker with a 20-foot cord
  • • Freedom to get up & down from your chair without dealing with earphones

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Why Choose Chair Speaker?

Voice enhancing technology

Chair Speaker enhances voice

Voice enhancing technology built in Chair Speaker enhances human voice while decreasing background noise.

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Your own sound cloud

Chair speaker creates your own sound cloud around your chair

Armchair Icon

Perfect fit for your chair

Chair speaker's built in rubber grips and ball flex joints keep the chair speaker perfectly fixed with any kind of chair

Volume Control Icon

You are in control

Chair speaker comes with an inbuilt nob to control the volume easily without getting up or using a remote

Hearing Enhanced Icon

Works with hearing aids

Chair speaker works with all kind of hearing aids unlike other products

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100% Money-Back 30-Day Guarantee

Buy with Confidence! In our effort to build trust with our customers and create a long term relationship, Kare, LLC offers a 30-day risk-free trial on our ChairSpeaker, we stand behind our products. This means that you canreturn the product for any reason within the 30-day period after you have received the order on your doorstep. You’ll find us proudly promoting this policy throughout our site and marketing communications – we’re proudof it. Read the Full Policy Here.

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Our 5-year limited warranty covers product failures due to manufacturer’s defects for a period of 5 year after the original purchase. The warranty is only valid if the product is purchased from KARE, LLC or one of KARE, LLC’sAuthorized Resellers. If the product fails within 5-years of the original purchase it will be replaced at no charge with the same or newer model of equal value.

Watching TV doesn't get better than this.

With Chair Speaker, hear the TV again with or without hearing aids

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