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CS1 User Manual

CS2 User Manual

My Digital Optical out is not working

The 2 main reasons for sound not coming out of the digital out is

1) PCM is turned off or Dolby Digital is turned on. To fix this turn on PCM by going to your device audio settings and turn on PCM. 

2) You have a sound bar or surround sound system. In this case connecting directly to the cable box or satalight box via the audio out may fix this problem. 


I have no audio output on my TV

When no audio output is on the TV you can use the audio from your cabel box or satellite box. 


Removing Static from your ChairSpeaker

Static can occur if the speaker is not reciving audio from the transmitter or not reciving it well. Try moving the tansmitter to have a better line of sight towards the speaker without the knob.


Adjusting the volume on one Speaker

The volume is adjustable by moving the speaker closer or away from your ears on the sofa. A interal adjustment is inside the transmitter that can be adjusted by us if needed. 


I only have sound from one Speaker

Sound from one speaker can be from the audio source only putting out one sound channel or the speaker not reciving the signal. You can try moving the tansmitter to another location.


My sound it out of sync with my TV

The main reason this happens is when devices process the sound at different speeds. When this occures try another audio out on one of the other devices.


No Sound is Coming out of my ChairSpeaker

If you are using the digtial audio or optical out in make sure your TV or device setting is on PCM. 

Make sure your transmitter is in the line of sight.

Make sure the power is on both the transmitter and speaker. 


I am only getting sound out of my Chairspeaker or TV; not both.

Make sure you are not using the headphone jack. 

Connecting Netflix, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or any other streaming device.

This can be done by connecting the tansmitter to the audio out on your TV.


Should I hook the transmitter to the TV or to my cable/satellite box?

The TV is the best way to hook up as it will typically be the most sure way you don't have issues with different sound sources and audio sync. Sometimes due to home sound systems or sound bars you may need to hook to the cable or satellite box.