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Chair Wireless TV Speakers Without Bluetooth

When it comes to watching TV when the rest of the households is in the house, a loud television can annoy everyone in your home. Simply not watching your favorite show just because it annoys members of your family is not an option. So, what is the solution? Well, we designed the ChairSpeaker, wireless speakers for TV without Bluetooth, to be the solution. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows all the time without driving others crazy at the volume that your ears prefer. Moreover, you don’t need a remote to control these speakers because they are always resting on the sofa back near you. No need to search for remote every time you need to adjust the volume. Simply turn the knob to adjust the sound.

To understand how these wireless chair speakers are going to work, you need to know the number of items you get in a single package of speakers. Well, chair speakers come with:

1. A Transmitter

2. A Pair of Speakers

3. The needed TV Connection Cables & Power Supplies

To make it work, here are the steps:

Step 1: Transmitting from Your TV to the Speakers

In the very first step, the transmitter will be attached to the TV. The transmitter is plugged into the television using the cables included in the package. The Transmitter is a wireless communication method that transfers sound waves from television to the speaker at the speed of light using our invisible IR light transmission technique.

Step 2: Invisible Light Waves Reach the Speaker

Once the transmitter is installed, whenever the sound from TV occurs, the transmitter will then transmit it towards speakers at the speed of light and change the IR light into electrical pulses. These pulses are then passed to our Voice Enhancing Process. The Voice Enhancing Process makes understanding the TV easier at lower volumes. After our Voice Enhancement Process, we amplify the resulting output to the wireless chair speakers and give you easy to understand sound.

Step 3: Adjusting Your Speakers Volume

When your speakers placed on your chair and plugged into the wall for power it is time that you adjust the volume. The knob located on the left speaker is used to adjust the volume to your desired level. This knob also acts as the on-off switch for the device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this quieter than the normal TV?

Several elements make the overall TV sound in the room lower but increase the local volume for one seat. Our Near-Ear sound places the sound right next to your ears, while our sound reflectors direct the sound towards your ears instead of the whole room.

Why don't you just use Bluetooth?

While Bluetooth technology is great for talking on the phone or listening to music. It is too slow for broadcasting live sound without delay. The fastest Bluetooth technologies in 2019 is "aptX Low Latency"  with a delay of about 30ms. While 30 milliseconds is fine for headphones, an echo is formed when you play the TV speakers and a Bluetooth speaker at the same time. Our speakers system is has a delay of about 3 milliseconds making the ChairSpeaker be able to operate without an echo.

Can you adjust the volume of each speaker?

While you cannot adjust the volume of each speaker by turning a knob, by rotating the speaker towards or away from your ear you can balance the sound to your liking.

Why Use Voice Enhancing Technology

We found the most important part to having an enjoyable TV experience is hearing the people talk. Not only letting you hear the voices on the TV but also letting you better interpret the meaning of the person speaking.The Chairspeaker's Voice Enhancing Technology lets you have a deeper understanding of your shows meaning without increasing the overall volume.We have a FREE Demo video that lets you experience a demo of our Voice Enhancing sounds like.

What is High Speed IR Technology

Understanding High Speed IR Technology

Using a small transmitter box measuring 4 inches by 3 inches by 2inches we take the sound from the outputs on your TV  and convert this to an invisible light called IR (infrared) and send this to our speakers. 

Once the light reaches the speaker a filter is used to remove visible light and then we convert light into sound.

As we are using a beam of light, a direct line of sight is needed from the transmitter to the side of the speaker without the knob. This is the same way most remote controls work.