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Hear the TV Like Never Before

Finally. Understand what people on TV are saying.


- No more turning the TV volume to full blast.  

- No more being isolated from everyone around you.

- No more pain and discomfort from headphones.

- No more worry about missing a phone call, doorbell, or smoke alarm.

Voice Enhancing Technology

The Chair speaker is built with Voice Enhancing Technologies. This technology increases the volume of human voices while decreasing the background sounds. Our advanced microchip instantaneously amplifies and clarifies television dialog making it easier to hear what is being said.

Hear for Yourself

Your Own Personal Sound Cloud

Your sound cloud is a personal experience since our removable sound reflectors direct the sound back towards you instead of the entire room.

Put Your Head in the Sound Cloud

A Perfect Fit for Your Chair

Our system of rubber grips and ball flex joints allows the ChairSpeaker to grip and fit almost any type of recliner or other types of furniture.

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You Are in Control

The ChairSpeaker has a large knob on the speaker for easy control of the volume and power. Our speakers provide over ninety decibels of sound.

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TV Speakers for Your Chair

The ChairSpeaker grips your chair to place a cloud of sound next to your ears.

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Works with Hearing Aids

The ChairSpeaker works with all types of hearing aids. No taking your hearing aid in and out like some competing systems. 

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Here is what makes us the best

  • Sound Cloud Technology

    Our unique Sound Zone System featuring Near-Ear Design places the speakers near your ears. Then, our sound reflectors direct the sound toward your ears, creating a cloud of sound just for you.

  • High Speed

    Our high-speed system transmits sound up to 40x faster than Bluetooth and 10x faster than radio systems by using infrared light pulsed at 2.3MHz & 2.8MHz to create a stereo sound cloud. This speed helps with speech recognition by making sure the audio is in sync with the visual cues shown on the TV.

  • Extreme IR

    The ChairSpeaker used Extreme IR (infrared) that works from 33 feet away by using selective light plastics, a multi-diode array, and electronic filters. This means no interference from microwaves, cordless phones, wifi, or other radio transmissions.

  • Better Than Headphones

    •   No more pain from extended use
    •   No more isolation from friends & family
    •   No more sweating around your ears
    •   No more worry about missing events like smoke alarms, doorbells, and ringing phones.


  • No Pairing

    The ChairSpeaker needs no pairing, like Bluetooth or radio systems. No buttons, just one volume control knob.

  • Digital & Analog

    Our system works with both digital and analog outputs. Each system is shipped with all the cables you need for Analog RCA's, 3.5mm headphone jacks and Optical Digital (TOS) connections. Click here to view the connections you need on your TV or cable box.

Buy with Confidence

Our Hassle-free 30-Day Trial will let you try our system. If you don't love it for any reason simply return it for a refund of the original purchase price. After your 30 day trial you are covered by our 5-Year Limited Warranty

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